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Build your own PC

At EZ-Solutionz we specialise in bringing you the very best in computer products and services. We will personally build the specific PC you are looking for, whether it be for home, work or children. All customised PC’s are industry standards and fully upgradeable.

We specialise in the following:

  • Budget PCs for home and office

  • Complete coloured PC systems, including silver, aluminium and black, with NEON light/effect enhancements, etc.
  • Specialised PC system cases.

  • High performance PC systems for gaming

  • Water cooled / Refrigerated , cooled PC systems - virtually NO NOISE , super quiet operation.

  • Low noise components including PSU and CPU/heatsink

  • Professional PC systems for a range of applications, including sound recording, video editing, CADCAM, 3D rendering, multimedia, etc.

Please email with the specification/quote you require, you can use the template below if you wish:

What will the PC be used for, e.g. its application etc


Screen Size and Type, e.g., 15", 17", 19", 21", TFT or normal monitor


Graphics card, e.g. ATI Radeon, NVidea GeForce, etc,


Graphics memory size, e.g. 64MB DDR, 128MB DDR, 256MB DDR, etc


Communication features, e.g. modem, network, wireless networking, etc


Processor and Processor speed


Main memory size


Hard drive size


Optical drive(s), CD, DVD, CDRW, CDRW/DVD combo, DVD-RW


Operating system, e.g. Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc


Other factors /information/enhancements/accessories etc


Call us for an instant quote.


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