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Supporting Home Users

Modern Computers at home should be reliable but problems do occur occasionally. This is where we can help.

We cover every aspect of your computer and work quickly to diagnose and solve the problem by using a fast and efficient service.

We cover any location in the London area and can book you in until 8pm in the evening.

If you need parts we can provide you with brand new parts. Call or email us and we will give you a quote on the part which you require. We only use equipment from leading manufactures so therefore with our parts there is less of a chance that things will go wrong at a later date.

We support any manufacturer such as Dell, Gateway, Compaq, Packard Bell, Time, IBM. Any PC you have.


When it comes to pricing you won’t get better than EZ-Solutionz

Here is our rate card for domestic work:

Callout Charge


Rate per hour



Expect very competitive rates, contact us and we will quote you on any part you require. We take pride in ourselves that our prices are not over priced. All of our equipment is brand new, boxed and complete

Log a call now:

This process is easy. Go to or contact us page and either call or email us and we will log your call and tell you when we are going to come out and fix your problem.


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