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Web Design

Your site is a vital communication tool to potential customers. We can design your site from start to finish. We develop sites from simple sites to more complex varieties which use databases to provide interactive, dynamic content.

We offer the following services for businesses and individuals:

  • Updates to a site
  • Full Web Application Development
  1. Updates

This section just explains that if you want your web pages just refreshed and updated. What we need are the updates you want us to do and the login details for your site.

The Process – Turnaround time is usually 24 hours from start to finish. All we ask from you is the prepared text or graphics that you want added to your site. You can send this by email.

Rate Card - £20 per page for updates (total updates>5)

              - £5 per update (total updates<3)

  1. Full Web Application Development

The Process – First we take a list of all your requirements for the site and discuss them until all the requirements are written down and understood properly. Once that is agreed, we price up all the work that is required and send you a quotation. Once that is agreed, the project can start.

Then we begin working on the initial look and feel of the site, show you what the site looks like and then once the look and feel is agreed, we start filling in the content. You will be able to view the site on our servers as work progresses on it. So you don’t have to wait until it is finished, you will be able to browse your site and make sure all your requirements have been met.

So why do you need a website?

-         24 hour access to your products, services and company information

-         Cost effective marketing tool

-         Get ahead of your competitors

-         Update as often as you like for little cost

-         E-commerce transactions are increasing

-         More and more companies have their own website

NB - We do not publish prices as all websites are designed specifically with your business in mind and as such are priced individually.

Take a look at our recent work:





www.deansproperties.com (in progress)

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